The Health of Julian Assange: A Case of State-sponsored Neglect

February 24, 2020 Syndicated 0

It is known that Assange’s removal from Belmarsh healthcare unit was a result of the combined effort by his legal team, public campaigning and a petition lodged by fellow prison inmates. It followed seven months of unofficial segregation in the unit during which he was removed from association without legitimate grounds to do so, and in breach of prison rules and legislation.  There was no established reason for this treatment, making it arbitrary, and also deprived Assange of recourse, effectively throwing him into a lawless hole at the whim of the prison authorities. 

Finland Virtually Ends Homelessness, Providing Shelter For All In Need

January 4, 2020 staff 0

The main reason Finland is the only country in Europe where homelessness is in decline: those affected by homelessness receive a state-funded small apartment and counselling right away — with no preconditions. 4 out of 5 people affected thus make their way back into a stable life. And it’s cheaper than accepting homelessness.