Meet Hokule’a, the Amazing Hawaiian Surfer Cat! (VIDEO)

“I’m Hōkūleʻa, the surfing cat. I own two hoomans. I live Aloha and I love the waves.”

Hokule’a The Surfing Cat lives with his two fellow surfer humans, Pat and Alessia, in Honolulu, Hawaii. The cat became an instant Instagram star after his adventurous surfing videos with his parents went viral.

Unlike typical cats, Hokule’a loves the water, and is a naturally skilled swimmer. He loves riding the waves and prefers hanging out at uncrowded beaches with plentiful tides. He also occasionally enjoys hiking the beautiful Hawaiian outdoors with his humans.

Alessia and Pat adopted Hokule’a from the Hawaiian Humane Society when he was just 2 months old. He was very shy at first, hiding under the bed when they first brought him home.

He soon warmed up to them as they took him along on hiking adventures at various beaches and tide-pools. They quickly noticed he liked to go outside in the backyard while it was pouring rain, and did not seem afraid of water or mud at all.

Alessia and Pat decided to take him to the ocean, on the surfboard. He took to the water immediately, without fear or hesitation. Pat made a “boogie- bed” for him so he could ride along comfortably on the big surfboard while Pat surfed the waves, and Hokule’a soon started using it by himself. It kickstarted his surfing journey with the parents. He enjoyed paddling out in the ocean on his custom board, and would often jump in the water from the board for a quick swim.

It was no surprise when they brought him into the ocean that he was a natural swimmer, and couldn’t get enough of riding the tides.

Hokule’a loves to attend a Cat café pop-up event, along with his parents, called Popoki and Tea, which takes place at a local pet store, where customers can sip fresh Hawaiian tea and hang out with orphan kitties searching for a new home.

Hokule’a’s parents maintain his very active Instagram account, which has attracted more than 21,000 followers. They often use Hokule’a’s popular Instagram page to advocate for nature preservation causes such as the #plasticfreeoceans awareness campaign.


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