Despite “The Cease Fire”, Israel Intensifies Its Deadly Aggression Against Palestinians

The massive and continuous demonstrations in solidarity with Palestinians around the world including in Israel certainly was a major factor for the imperialist powers and the Arab States to convince the U.S./Israel governments that after 11 days the time for a ceasefire had arrived.

Yet despite this political defeat for the Zionist State of Israel, Prime Minister Netanyahu’s own future depends on inciting the fascist settlers and Israeli police to provoke new unrest in intensifying tensions against Palestinians. This reality makes the ceasefire fragile.

On May 19 (a day before the ceasefire) Netanyahu invited more than 70 foreign ambassadors and diplomatic representatives to a meeting in an attempt to justify brutal bombing of Gaza by a completely fabricated and illusory narrative.

Toward the end of his deceitful and unconvincing presentation, he warned that “If the perception is that they [Palestinians] gained a victory that is a defeat for all of us.”

Of course Netanyahu by saying “all of us”, meant “all” of those dictatorial regimes in the region which are considered as friends of Israel.

However, the next day even the friendliest countries to Israel saw a ceasefire would serve them better. They feared that if Israel continues killing more children in Gaza, more people would unite to demonstrate against the Zionist State of Israel to the point of an uprising against their own fragile undemocratic regimes.

Millions of working people and youth around the world, (by the power of their massive demonstrations) showed that the false notion of Israel being the “victim” and its “right” to bring death and destruction to their “enemies” with impunity is no longer acceptable. People around the globe didn’t need BBC or CNN to be “informed” about the recent “conflict” since they were independently able to see the massacre live on social media.

They saw how the fourth powerful military in the world was inflicting death and destruction on the defenseless families in Gaza. This realization was beyond a specific religious group, certain ethnicity, or limited to people of a defined geopolitical area. Before the eyes of the world, Israel looked like merciless savages armed with the latest lethal military arsenals. The world opinion with the ongoing COVID pandemic disaster did NOT approve any military operation that destroyed the only COVID testing clinic in Gaza, much-needed hospitals, schools, and also a prominent building that housed foreign media outlets and reporters.

Huge demonstrations in support of Palestinians in the major cities in the U.S., the U.K., and other countries just days after the ceasefire speak volumes on how Israel has been discredited after decades of their brutal conduct as an oppressive occupier and how the “anti-Semite” labeling of their opponents is no longer effective to cover up their apartheid regime and their systematic ethnic cleansing.

There is no doubt the “anti-Semite” sentiments still exist and in some countries is very strong; however, those who propagate hate against Jews or attack the Synagogues are extreme right-wing and fascist groups like some of Trump’s supporters who stormed the Capitol on January 6th, 2021.

Once again, millions of people around the world demonstrated that – first and foremost they are against wars and military destructive operations in general and in particular they are disgusted to see the defenseless Palestinian families and children face horrible death under the rubble caused by the Israeli precision and smart bombs.

By some estimates, on Saturday, May 22nd, about 200,000 people marched in London and gathered in Hyde Park, which undeniably was one of the largest demonstrations in support of Palestine in British history; demanded “Free Palestine” and “stop the war”.

One of the speakers who address this historical rally was Julian Assange’s partner Stella Moris. In her written statement, in part, she said that Julian Assange “is paying with his freedom, and maybe his life… over publications that exposed war crimes in Iraq, torture in Guantanamo Bay and Israeli government’s policies in Palestine.”

“Julian published the words spoken by the Israeli government’s official behind closed doors, words that Israeli military materializes in the form of airstrikes that kill innocent men, women and children.

“Public perception shapes our understanding of what is true and what is possible.”

This is why the U.S. and U.K. have imprisoned Assange “to hamper our understanding and to prevent us from acting on that knowledge.”

Similar demonstrations have taken place before and after the ceasefire both inside and outside of Israel/Palestine, – from Sana’a to Berlin, from Chicago to Tel Aviv. These demonstrations not only condemned the savagery of the Zionist State of Israel but also raised the question of what steps should be taken to prevent more bloodshed by Israel.

In our time, all crises have a global character and cannot be solved on a local level. Any abstract solution (like Two-State Solution) would not end the occupation of Palestine. Certainly, this is not possible through the current “leadership” who have imposed themselves on Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank. The end of the occupation will not be possible via military operations by the weak army of Hamas or the corrupted and undemocratic clique of Mahmoud Abbas, who for many years have compromised the rights of Palestinians in lieu to be accepted and paid by the U.S./Israeli governments.

ONLY a united working people in Israel/Palestine with international support from the workers around the world (especially the imperialist countries) can create their own state which ends the capitalists’ rules and their divisive and discriminatory economical, political and social policies.

U.S. imperialism is the root cause of problems for the occupied Palestinians.

The hypocrisy of the Biden Administration toward the Palestinians and the State of Israel – like the past Administrations is nothing new but certainly, the deceptive narrative of “caring” for Palestinians by President Biden is disgusting. Like the old Imperial and colonial powers, the U.S. sees the Palestinians as their subjects.

They decide for Palestinians what is right or wrong and who is a good or bad leader for them. While Biden backed Israel in bombing Gaza as “Israel’s right to defend itself” and even praised Netanyahu for “degrading the capabilities” of the Palestinian “terrorists”, now he promises “to provide rapid humanitarian assistance and to marshal international support for the people in Gaza and in the Gaza reconstruction efforts.”

However this empty promise comes with an unworkable condition and that is the aid to Gaza will be through Mahmoud Abbas only, a corrupt politician who has no support or influence in Gaza!

President Biden’s insane position against Palestinians already has rattled his own Party. The average Democratic Party membership doesn’t approve the unconditional U.S. financial and military aid to Israel. Time has changed. The Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement is growing among democratic-minded people and the American Jewish youth.

For the Zionists – who have to maintain more than seven decades of illegal occupation of Palestine and while they continue to steal Palestinians’ homes and lands under cover of “settlers” with the protection of their brutal police and unjust laws – constant tensions and wars are a necessity. For the Zionists, a peaceful time in the region means an end to their power and an end to their occupation. Without wars and confrontations, the Zionist State of Israel will fall apart.


Massoud Nayeri is a graphic designer and an independent peace activist based in the United States. He is a frequent contributor to Global Research.

* This article was automatically syndicated and expanded from Centre for Research on Globalization.

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