700 Cats Living in One House (VIDEO)

Cats freely roam around in the Cat House. (Credit: Kritter Klub/YouTube)

The Cat House is a 12-acre estate that has been repurposed as a safe haven and sanctuary for the 700 cats who live there.

Cats end up taking residence at the Cat House for a variety of reasons. Sometimes their owner passed away and his or her descendants don’t want to keep the cat. Other cats move in after their owners become unable to provide a home for them after losing their house, or because they have moved to a new apartment building that does not allow household pets.

Feeding time at the Cat House. (Credit: Kritter Klub/YouTube)
Lounging around at the Cat House. (Credit: Kritter Klub/YouTube)

Dedicated volunteers feed and take care of the cats, while allowing them the freedom to move around as they please, with cat doors installed for easy passage in and out of the house. Though caring after hundreds of cats is no easy task, to them it is worth the effort.

“We give them something to do; we give them a life.. something other than being in a cage,” one of the house’s caretakers explains.

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