Trainee Pilot Lands Plane on Southern Californian Street During Rush Hour (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

© Chris Young / Reuters

A pilot, whose identity is currently withheld, made a miraculous emergency landing on a busy Orange County, California street on Friday, June 1st. The speeding plane somehow managed to avoid cars, people, and a mass of electric cables, among numerous challenges.

The Cessna 172 aircraft made its death-defying landing near Hamilton Avenue and Magnolia Street in Huntington Beach just before 5pm, during the height of rush hour traffic cutting into the start of the weekend. The pilot, who is reportedly still a trainee, experienced engine trouble soon after taking off from the nearby John Wayne Airport (SNA) in Santa Ana.

She was forced to make an emergency landing and expertly steered the small aircraft down the busy street as quick-thinking motorists swiftly steered their vehicles out of the plane’s path. The area has a large amount of power lines overhead, all of which she managed to circumvent, making her landing all the more impressive.

“Amazing job by pilot putting down her plane during an emergency landing on Hamilton Street in HB.” Huntington Beach Police Chief Robert Handy said. “The plane lost power shortly after take off from John Wayne Airport. No injuries or damage.”

“Cessna Skyhawk en route to John Wayne Airport lost power,” the airport wrote on Twitter. “Aircraft landed safely in Huntington Beach. There is no impact to Airport operations.”

Federal Aviation Administration spokesman Ian Gregor told the Orange County Register the pilot was practicing flying when she reported the loss of power. The agency is investigating the incident.

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