Fantastic Didactic Flick Pick of the Week (March 24-30, 2018): ‘Putin’ (2018) [Director: Andrei Kondrashev] – Groundbreaking New Documentary Reveals A Different Side of Russian Leader (VIDEO)

A groundbreaking new film by Andrei Kondrashev, ‘Putin’ dives into depth about the man who we all hear so much about, but who we know so little about.

Kondrashev’s superb 2015 ‘Crimea – the Path Home’ made him a popular hero, and established him as the leading political film maker in Russia. It was hugely popular, triggering a massive outpouring of patriotic sentiment across Russia.

In ‘Putin’, Kondrashov spent over a year digging into the Putin family story. It is a highly personal film, switching back and forth between Putin talking about world events, and vignettes from his childhood, interviews with school teachers, childhood friends, stories of his parents, his grandparents, the villages they came from, etc.

From the early tumultuous days of the presidency – dealing with the terrorist situation, the Kursk tragedy and a demoralized Russia – to Putin now, the leader of a re-energized and recovered Russia. A year in the making with personal stories that have never been told on camera before. Some will be shocking and stunning. Attempts on the president’s life and the toll of the presidency on Vladimir Putin himself – all of it has been brought together in the most complete portrait of Vladimir Putin that has been done to date.

There are interviews with world leaders like Gerhard Schroeder of Germany and Silvio Berlusconi of Italy, his inner circle, and with everyday people who encountered him in one capacity or another.

The creation and timing of this film could not be more deliberate, and sources have told us that it was rushed to released as world events appear to be spiraling out of control. It is a very deliberate effort to counter the incredible deluge of slander and character assassination hurled at Putin by BBC, PBS, and other biographies, and the entire Western mainstream media.

This is Part 1 of the 4-hour documentary that aired on Russian television, with English subtitles; Part 2 will be released shortly.


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