Past Masterpiece of the Week (November 5 – 11, 2016): The Deviants – PTOOFF! (1967)


‘Ptooff!’ is the extraordinary debut studio album by English psychedelic rock band The Deviants, released in 1967 on record label Underground Impresarios. This tireless proto-punk classic is a much overlooked, criminally unknown gem from the explosion of musical creativity in the late 60’s. with dynamics ranging from soft and subdued acoustic stylings to traditional blues-based head bopping rock ‘n’ roll, to wailing, distorted psychedelic guitars and wild, snarling vocals that very likely played a great influence in the artistic development of a young James Osterberg (better known by his stage name, Iggy Pop), is a unique and much overlooked gem from the 60’s, unlike anything else from that time or ever since. It’s trashy and divine, beautiful and chaotic, a sublime, relentless, and cathartic anarchy of the absurd. Upon first listening, The Deviants may draw immediate comparisons to a British version of The Fugs if they had crossed with The Monks in Frank Zappa‘s garage. Other musical comparisons from that era include a plethora of American west coast 60’s psychedelic bands such as the Mothers of Invention, the United States of America. the West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band, Fifty Foot Hose, Love, and the Electric Prunes, as well as American bands much further inland such as 13th Floor Elevators, the Fallen Angels, the MC5, and Ant Trip Ceremony. If you are into 60’s psychedelic garage with quirk and punk in its veins, or if you’re a fan of any of the bands listed above, The Deviants sohuld be right up your alley. Hopefully you’ll give this excellent record some follow-up listens and share it everywhere.


Track Listing:

00:00 01 – Opening
00:08 02 – I’m Coming Home
06:07 03 – Child of the Sky
10:36 04 – Charlie
14:27 05 – Nothing Man
18:38 06 – Garbage
24:14 07 – Bun
26:52 08 – Deviation Street


Mick Farren — Lead vocals, piano
Sid Bishop — Guitar, sitar
Cord Rees — Bass, Spanish guitar
Russell Hunter — Drums, backing vocals
Duncan Sanderson, Stephen Sparks, Jennifer Ashworth – Vocals & mumbling

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