Over 700 Hate Crimes Reported in Week After Election; 27 Anti-Trump Crimes Also Reported

According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, 701 hate crimes have been reported between November 9 and November 16, in the wake of Donald Trump‘s surprise election victory on Novemner 8. The SPLC collected reports from news articles, social media, and direct submissions from their #ReportHate intake page. The SPLC made efforts to verify each report, but the total count includes some that are anecdotal.

dateofincident While the total number of incidents has risen, the trend line points to a steady drop-off. Around 65 percent of the incidents collected occurred in the first three days following the election.

Other patterns pointed out previously are holding too, notably that anti-immigrant incidents remain the top type of harassment reported and that nearly 40 percent of all incidents occurred in educational (K-12 schools and university/college) settings.

type Incidents by type ranked by number of reports include: Anti-immigrant (206), anti-Black (151), anti-LGBT (80), swastika vandalism (60), anti-Muslim (51), and anti-woman (36). The SPLC are also keeping track of anti-Trump incidents, which rose from their initial report from 20 to 27.

Incidents by location: K-12 schools (149), businesses (129), universities/colleges (114), street (82), private property (72), driving (42).

In Washington state:

The day a racial slur was discovered spray-painted on Spokane’s Martin Luther King Jr. Family Outreach Center, dozens of people gathered in solidarity to denounce the act and paint over the red graffiti.

Staff at the center found the graffiti on the side of the building when they came in to work Tuesday morning. Freda Gandy, the center’s director, said some of the children saw it before heading to school.

“Our kids should not have to see this,” she said. “It’s not OK.”

1119stateAlso in Washington state:

Spokane police are investigating a swastika and message referencing Donald Trump spray-painted on a Mexican family’s home in the Logan Neighborhood.

The graffiti, which read, “Can’t stump the Trump, Mexicans,” was reported to police Tuesday morning on a garage.
Rosas said she hasn’t been targeted for being Mexican before or experienced racism in Spokane, but said the graffiti scared her.
“We’re afraid they’re going to do something,” she said.

In Boston:

An African-American woman was harrassed while walking home at night by a stranger in the street yelling hateful aggressions at her:
“You think that’s funny dirty bitch? I’ll spit on you, you dirty bitch. I can smell the Africa on you.”

In California:

A 16-year-old African-American student at Monte Vista High School in Danville, California went to the bathroom during fifth period on Wednesday and spotted the words “whites” and “colored” scrawled on the wall over the urinal.

In Kentucky:

A man received this letter at his home:
“The most important thing is for our children to grow up in a pure white Christian environment. It’s not clear why you would have a N**** B**** in your house. We believe all races should be separate in the United States of America.”

Incidents of “hate group recruitment” ticked up in after the weekend, with 11 of the 17 total incidents reported since Monday.