Teenager Killed, 395 Injured by Israeli Snipers Along Gaza Boundary Fence (VIDEO)

A 17-year-old Palestinian was shot dead by an Israeli sniper during Friday’s ‘Great March of Return‘ protest. Nearly 400 others, including journalists and paramedics, were injured by Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) firing live rounds, tear gas, and rubber bullets into the crowds near the Gazan boundary line with Israel.

Israeli snipers have once again been aggressively active along the Gaza-Israeli separation fence as Palestinian activists continue to exert pressure on the frontier in weekly protests that started March 30. The latest march drew at least 7,000 demonstrators, who, among other things, were protesting against Washington’s recent abrupt move to cut around $60 million in relief aid from the UN Work and Relief Agency (UNWRA). Citing the likelihood of a tense confrontation just east of the Rafah crossing, one of the snipers shot 17-year-old Bilal Mustafa Khafaja in the chest, killing the teenager, according to the Gaza Health Ministry.

Another 395 people, including 35 minors, three paramedics and three journalists were injured by Israeli armed forces along the security fence, Wafa news agency reported. While many of the wounded sought medical treatment from tear gas and rubber bullets, at least 100 people were taken to hospitals with gunshot wounds.

In response to the violent “riots” which “damaged security infrastructure,” the Israeli military struck two Hamas observation posts in Gaza in retaliation. “Since March, Gazans have violently rioted along the security fence every Friday and today was no exception,” the IDF asserted. “The rioters rolled burning tires and threw rocks, firebombs, and a grenade at IDF troops who responded with riot dispersal means.”

At least 172 Palestinians have been killed and more than 19,000 injured by Israeli soldiers since the start of ongoing demonstrations six months ago against the continued denial of Palestinian autonomy, life, liberty, self-determination, and the universally-guaranteed right of refugees to return home, triggered by the increased lack of prospects of an independent Palestinian state.

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