Green Party Of Alaska Rejects National Candidate, Nominates Jesse Ventura

Former independent Minnesota Governor, ex-Navy SEAL and Vietnam War veteran, best-selling author, former professional wrestler, and current host of 'The World According to Jesse' on RT America, Jesse Ventura.

Gteen Party of Alaska Press Release
September 1, 2020
Updated: September 2, 2020

ANCHORAGE, Alaska (Sept. 1, 2020) – In defiance of the national Green Party, the Green Party of Alaska has drafted Jesse Ventura and Cynthia McKinney as their presidential and vice presidential nominees, granting them ballot access in the state. A final poll was held by the party to choose what candidate would receive their presidential nomination, and Jesse Ventura won with 50% of the vote.

Robert Shields, Chair of the Green Party of Alaska, had this to say regarding the decision: “[Ventura] was an easy choice for independent Alaskans and he is clearly the most competent candidate. Drafting is a proven way to make radical changes to the system.”

Drawing parallels to the Draft Eisenhower movement of 1952, the Green Party of Alaska outlined the following in their official statement: “Only once before in US history has an ordinary citizen been lifted up by the people and elevated to the office of President of the United States. … Over the next decade, the United States of America can emerge as leaders of the fossil-free world and end poverty globally … To get us there, we need strong leadership at ALL levels and only a trained soldier working side by side with a seasoned advocate can hope to lead the campaign of waging peace in a world at war.”

Richard Idriss, part of the leadership of the People for Jesse campaign, reflected on this surprise announcement: “The People for Jesse largely moved on from the Green Party after their national convention to work toward an independent write-in campaign for Governor Ventura, but we had always recognized an internal schism within the state Green parties as a possible outcome of their primary. Tension around presidential nominee selection has led to these sorts of issues within both the Green and Libertarian parties before. Ventura receiving this state party nomination thanks to the efforts of a wholly separate movement further proves the case of his wide appeal. The Movement for a People’s Party, Unity 2020, and the Green Party have all now actively sought to collaborate with and/or draft the Governor during this election cycle – groups who draw support from Americans across vastly different parts of the ideological spectrum.”

Regarding the People for Jesse’s future role in presidential campaign efforts in Alaska, Idriss added, “We are eager to collaborate with the Green Party of Alaska moving forward during this election cycle while we continue our own push to secure write-in or other forms of ballot access for a Ventura campaign. There should be no more shaming voters into settling for corrupt and ethically compromised ‘lesser evils’. The people deserve a candidate worth voting for this November, and we’re striving to make that a reality in as many states as possible.”


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