Local TV Anchor Upstaged By His Cat’s Anus During Home Live Cast (VIDEO)

WKBN-27First News This Morning’ anchor Dan Martin was filming a live news segment for his local morning TV show when an unexpected guest star made a surprise cameo appearance in the background, completely upstaging him and diverting any possible viewer attention away from the newscast.

As Dan continued his report, unbeknownst to him, his cat Duke decided the perfect spot to spread apart his hind legs and meticulously clean out his butthole was on camera right behind his owner. Dan seemed completely unaware of the spectacular performance taking place right over his shoulder during the broadcast.

Duke’s performance managed to impress another TV host, Last Week Tonight’s John Oliver, who posted a clip of the cat’s amazing self-rimjob cleaning this week during his own coronavirus lockdown episode filmed from home.

Dan and his friends managed to share a good chuckle over the incident on his Twitter.

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