BREAKING: Sweden Drops ‘Rape’ Investigation for Julian Assange

(STOCKHOLM) – For the third time in nine years, Sweden’s prosecution services have dropped an investigation into alleged sexual misconduct, or ‘lesser rape,’ accusations against WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.

Earlier today, the Swedish Prosecution Authority ruled that the alleged victim’s testimony had “weakened” and that there seemed to be no corroborating evidence required to pursue an actual case, much less an indictment.

In September, the UN Special Rapporteur on torture, Dr. Nils Melzer, drafted a stern letter to Swedish authorities condemning the international effort being waged by their government and multiple state actors including the US, UK, as well as mainstream media outlets designed to isolate and dehumanise Assange, and called for an end to a concerted campaign of “public mobbing” against him.

It should be noted that the Swedish Prosecution Authority has said that its decision could be appealed.

Julian Assange is currently being held in the UK’s Belmarsh Prison, as he awaits his hearing in February for extradition to the US.

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