“Dump Trump”: Giant Robot of Trump Tweeting on a Golden Toilet & Baby Blimp Accompany Thousands of Protesters in Central London (PHOTOS)

Twitter Shitter

A giant rendering of US President Donald Trump astride a golden toilet while tweeting has appeared in Central London ahead of protests against Mr Trump’s state visit.

The 16-foot model, nicknamed “Dump Trump”, reportedly also has an audio function that makes fart noises and repeats the president’s most famous statements, including “no collusion”, “witch-hunt”, “you are fake news” and “I’m a very stable genius.”

“Dump Trump” appeared early on Tuesday in Trafalgar Square, ahead of the planned demonstration.

It was designed by US science writer and dinosaur expert Don Lessem, who said he spent $25,000 of his own savings for it.

The model joins an extravaganza of imaginative props that protesters have come up with to ridicule Mr Trump during his visit.

They include the infamous “Baby Blimp”, a giant balloon depicting him as a baby in a nappy holding a smartphone that will fly over Parliament Square, and a series of projections on London landmarks by anti-Brexit group Led By Donkeys.

One projection compared Mr Trump’s and Barack Obama’s approval ratings in the UK, reportedly to make the US president aware of his unpopularity in the country.

Mr Trump is expected to spend part of his visit at Buckingham Palace where a state banquet will be staged in his honor. He will not be staying at the Queen’s royal residence.

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