Cat vs Ice: Feline Struggles To Catch Its Dinner In Frozen Lake (VIDEO)

A cat’s determination to catch a fish that is frozen in a lake has gone viral as social media users can’t get over how cute the feline’s persistent efforts are.

The ginger fisher valiantly tries to catch its icy prey, making it a captivating video. It pounces, swipes and even rolls on top of the fish that is completely frozen in the ice.

While the cat failed to penetrate the ice, its antics melted the hearts of social media users.

The video was reportedly filmed in Shenyang City, China, but people from around the world expressed pity for the cat’s quest for food, while others couldn’t get over how cute the video was.

The video ends as the cat turns to look in the direction of the person filming the battle, possibly looking for some help with the elusive fish.

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