Georgia Voting Machines Left Unsecured and Unguarded (VIDEO)

Source: WhoWhatWhy

Election security experts are deeply concerned about vulnerabilities in Georgia’s election infrastructure — which should compel authorities to do everything in their power to ensure they keep the state’s voting machines out of the grasp of hackers.

However, an on-the-ground investigative team from WhoWhatWhy discovered that several voting machines were left completely unattended in an unlocked room at a polling place in Fulton County on the day before early voting started.
To make matters even worse, these unguarded machines were plainly visible from the outside to any passerbys walking past this public place.

This stunning lack of security measures would have left these machines wide open for any hacker to slip into the room undetected for the few minutes it takes to plug in an exploit-ready USB dongle to gain privileged — sometimes even remote — access over any of these machines, allowing the hacker to insert malicious code, modify the algorithms governing how the ballots are tabulated, and log in remotely to manipulate the election results at a later time.
Check out the video below demonstrating the stunning lack of security or supervision over these important devices upon which Georgia’s very democracy relies.

Footage shot by Jordan Wilkie, Micah Eisen, and edited by WhoWhatWhy videographer Kate Walker.

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