Israeli Jets Carry Out Airstrikes on 9 Targets in Northern Gaza Strip

Israeli jets targeted nine military targets in two military compounds and a munition manufacturing site, Israeli defense forces reported on Twitter. According to IDF, the targets were belonging to their favorite bogeyman: Hamas militants!

Israeli jets targeted nine military targets in two military compounds and a munitions manufacturing site, the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) reported on Twitter. According to IDF, the targets belonged to their favorite bogeyman: Hamas militants.

​The airstrikes were a response to “arson and explosive kites and balloons that’ve been launched into Israel,” IDF stressed, adding that Israeli Defense Forces were “determined to continue to act with increasing intensity against these acts of terror as long as required”.

Tensions along the Israeli separation fence with Gaza flared up amid the annual Great March of Return rally, which began on March 30 this year. The Israeli side has been using live ammunition in high-powered sniper rifles fired indiscriminately at close range upon peaceful, unarmed civilians engaging in nonviolent protests, to maximize the physical damage and severity of injury, causing loss of limbs and amputations for many Palestinian victims who are denied immediate entry into Israel for critical medical care that could have easily prevented the damage from spreading or worsening.  The IDF claimed it was necessary to use excessive force to suppress the rallies citing security concerns and predictably avoiding accountability by putting the blame for the escalation squarely and entirely on Hamas, the current Palestinian radical governing party for the Gaza Strip.

Recently, the United Nations General Assembly held its 10th emergency meeting on Israel’s response to protests along the border with Gaza, passing a resolution condemning excessive use of force by Israeli soldiers against Palestinians, while the US amendment criticizing Hamas for initiating violence failed to pass after getting only 62 votes.

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