Opinion: Sarkozy Indicted For Corruption, As Clinton Cabal Crumbles

It seems as if some measure of bad karma has finally come to haunt the friends of Hillary Clinton, with news emerging this week that France’s former President Nicholas Sarkozy has been indicted for financial corruption in Libya stemming from the late Muammar Gaddafi’s alleged financing of Sarkozy’s 2007 campaign. With the protection of the neoliberal Queen, Hillary Clinton, removed from the political chess board after her failed Presidential bid, it remains to be seen as to how many more of her supporters and associates have become perilously vulnerable to exposure.

When then Secretary-of-State Hillary Clinton spat “We came, we saw, he died,” in the wake of Muammar Gaddafi’s murder, she was not the only psychopath reveling in a bloody victory: Behind her, in the shadows, corrupt leaders like Sarkozy were also cheering.

Earlier this week, press reports indicated that Sarkozy was placed under official investigation and charged with passive corruption, illicit campaign financing and misappropriation of Libyan public funds in relation to the alleged illegal financing of his 2007 presidential campaign by the late Libyan leader, Muammar Gaddafi.

This news sent shockwaves farther afield than Europe. WikiLeaks Editor-In-Chief Julian Assange noted that Sarkozy had actively worked to have the publisher banned in France during his term. Assange also took to Twitter to describe Sarkozy’s possible motives in aiding Clinton and Obama in the takedown of Gaddafi, and the destruction of Libya that has resulted in open slave markets and a hotbed of terrorism. Assange highlighted an email chain from Sidney Blumenthal to Hillary Clinton, published by WikiLeaks, which describes Sarkozy’s motivations for toppling Gaddafi’s regime.

The email chain reveals that Gaddafi’s government held 143 tons of gold and a similar amount in silver valued at more than $7 billion. The emails exchange goes on to state that the gold was intended to be used to: “establish a pan-African currency based on the Libyan golden Dinar. This plan was designed to provide, the Francophone African Countries with an alternative to the French franc (CFA).”

The WikiLeaks document goes on to describe how French intelligence officers discovered this plan, and that it was a factor which influencedSarkozy’s decision to commit France to the attack on Libya along with the following points:

Thanks to the efforts of Sarkozy and then US Secretary-of-State Hillary Clinton, regime change in Libya created an atmosphere of utter chaos. As recently as Wednesday, Reuters reported that executions, torture and slave markets persist in the ravaged country, writing:

“Armed groups execute and torture civilians in Libya in almost complete impunity seven years after the revolution that toppled Muammar Gaddafi, the United Nations human rights office said on Wednesday. Libyans and migrants are often held incommunicado in arbitrary detention in appalling conditions, and reports persist of captured migrants being bought and sold on “open slave markets”, it said in a report to the Human Rights Council.”

The destruction of Libya is not the only tie binding Sarkozy with Clinton. He personally stepped in on behalf of child traffickers in Chad, much as Bill and Hillary Clinton went to great lengths to intervene for the sake of accused child trafficker Laura Silsby in Haiti.

Disobedient Media previously reported on Sarkozy’s direct interference in Chad on behalf of French charity workers with the Zoe’s Ark. Many of the stolen children were not from the war-torn areas that the NGO claimed, had living relatives, and were even dressed with bandages to create the perception of (non-existent) wounds. If their work had continued undetected, the group would have removed as many as ten thousand children by their own admission.

Despite all this, Sarkozy saw fit to not only intervene on behalf of the charity, but flew to Chad on his personal jet in order to interface directly with Chad’s President Idriss Deby, and flew some of the accused back to France despite the fact that they were still under investigation. Sarkozy’s involvement fueled controversy in Chad; The Guardian reported claims that the Zoe’s Ark charity had enjoyed the backing of Cécilia Sarkozy, making the scandal a personal affair for the French President.

According to the Berkley Center for Peace, Religion and World Affairs, Zoe’s Ark had intended to remove as many as 10,000 children from the area during the single operation in Chad. The wealth that Zoe’s Ark would have gained from removing ten thousand such children is truly mind-boggling to contemplate. French citizens were reported to have been prepared to pay thousands of Euros (up to $11,000) per child. 

At the time, Idriss Deby indicated a belief that profit from illegal adoptions may not have been the only dark motive for Zoe’s Ark. The BBC reported Deby’s sentiments: “Their aim is to kidnap the children from their parents, to steal the children from their parents and sell them to pedophile organizations in Europe, and even perhaps to kill them and sell their organs.”

Despite receiving Presidential pardons in Chad, members of the charity were eventually convicted on related charges in France.

So, in addition to their joint efforts to destroy Libya for economic and political gain, the Clintons and Sarkozy both intervened on behalf of accused child traffickers who were exposed while working in the guise of humanitarian aid. As Disobedient Media related, leaders of both respective affected countries specifically cited pedophilia and organ trafficking networks as motivations for the illegal activity.

Clinton and Sarkozy also share links with mutual supporters, including Bernard Kouchner, a figure infamous for leading United Nations efforts in the Balkans under a cloud of sex and organ trafficking allegations, and who defended a pedophile in court. Kouchner served as Foreign Minister under Nicholas Sarkozy, and also has ties to the Clintons and their supporters.

In our coverage of the Zoe’s Ark scandal, Disobedient Media noted that Kouchner had expressed deep interest in serving as head of the United Nations efforts in disaster-ravaged Haiti in the aftermath of the 2010 earthquake. However, according to WikiLeaks’ publications of Clinton emails, his accession to involvement hinged on the personal involvement of the Clintons, with whom he wished to interface directly.
Part of an email exchange published by WikiLeaks, between Melanne Verveer, Hillary Clinton, and Cheryl Mills.
In Disobedient Media’s previous report on the endemic abuses that have taken place in the name of charity, this author wrote regarding Bernard Kouchner’s defense of Michael Sounalet, noting that, instead of condemning Michael Sounalet after allegations of child sex abuse emerged against the aid worker, Kouchner staunchly defended the accused during his trial. Kouchner had previously gone so far as to call Sounalet’s work a “model for international bodies.”

One can easily imagine that an indictment may not have come for Sarkozy if Hillary Clinton had been the conqueror in 2016’s US Presidential race. It is as if these heads of state were, in reality, a self-perpetuated organized crime network acting in the guise of political maneuvering.

Sarkozy’s indictment speaks to an audience much broader than France: it is relevant to war-ravaged Libya, to the families of Chad preyed upon by Zoe’s Ark, and to Sarkozy and Clinton’s shared hatred of WikiLeaks. Sarkozy’s downfall sends a reverberation through the geopolitical landscape that suggests the Clinton political cabal is finally giving way, tumbling piece by piece.

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