Displaced Cat Seeks Owner After Hitching 90-Mile Ride Aboard a Coach to Newcastle

A domesticated ginger cat is in search of a way back home — and, hopefully, to reunite with his human family — since becoming an involuntary passenger on a coach, unable to stop and exit the ride as it whisked him further away from home in a relentless, uninterrupted transit for 90 mile miles, finally arriving at the surprise destination of Newcastle City Centre.

A charitable animal care group, Cats Protection, that has taken temporary custody of the feline — whom they have named Wendall after the German word for “Traveller” — say that he had jumped aboard a coach travelling from Pickering, North Yorkshire.

He is currently being looked after by Cats Protection after being found stowed away on the single-decker vehicle when it stopped in Tyneside.

A spokeswoman said it was not known when he got on board the coach, which was undergoing maintenance work and not being used by the public.

The charity is asking for the owner of the pet, which did not have a microchip, to get in touch.

“We are appealing far and wide in the hope that Wendall’s original owners see this plea and come forward,” said Catherine Hubbard, Deputy Manager at the homing centre in Leeds.

“If we haven’t heard from them by Thursday 29 March, we will be looking to rehome Wendall, so we really do urge anyone who recognises him to get in touch.

“As he was not microchipped, we have no way of tracing his owners.

“His fur was slightly matted when he came into care but he welcomed a brush with open paws.

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