***ELECTION FRAUD*** Ballot Tampering Caught on Video in San Diego (VIDEO)

Numerous lawsuits have been filed over the 2016 primary election in California, challenging the widespread voter suppression, ballot tampering, and other allegations related to election fraud. Several lawsuits are seeking to hold San Diego Registrar of Voters Michael Vu and Secretary of State Alex Padilla accountable for manipulating California primary results. One of the lawsuits challenges the poor training of poll workers as overseen by Padilla, who was simultaneously organizing fundraisers for Hillary Clinton while acting in his role as Secretary of State. Poll workers were wrongly instructed to give all NPP (no party preference) voters provisional ballots, even those who expressed a clear intention to vote in a particular party’s primary (as is their legal right), and to only issue the correct ballot to those who uttered the magic words “Democratic [or chosen party] crossover ballot.”


Another lawsuit challenges Michael Vu, San Diego’s Registrar of Voters, who formerly had overseen elections in Cuyahoga County, Ohio, which includes Cleveland, until he was forced to resign in 2006 after being implicated in the shredding of provisional ballots in 2004, following targeted purges of the voter rosters in predominantly African American precincts. He was then hired by the city of San Diego as the Registrar of Voters. It is under his watch that potentially every college student residing in a dorm in San Diego had their votes placed in provisional ballot envelopes and then discarded. SDSU students who neglected to include their dorm room number on the ballot envelope had their provisional ballots thrown out, citing an excuse of “wrong address.” A shredding truck was parked outside the Registrar’s office, pictured above left, during the most recent press conference about the Citizen’s Oversight Lawsuit filed by Ray Lutz, together with attorneys-at-law Bill Simpich and Duana Bain, which is an alarming sight that doesn’t inspire much trust among voters, who already harbor suspicions over the hiring of Michael Vu, formerly convicted of shredding provisional ballots in 2004, which helped Bush steal Ohio from Kerry that election.


Vu conducted the 1% manual tally before San Diego’s ballots had all been counted ⏤ ballots were still being processed as of July 4th, but Vu decided to rush through the 1% manual tally which is supposed to be a random sampling of all ballots. There were over 73,000 provisional ballots in San Diego County alone. Vu also instructed his staff to not cooperate with ballot-counting observers, who were forced to watch the ballot-counting through a window, and at a distance that made it impossible to see exactly what the workers were doing with the ballots. The observers were told they were forbidden from videotaping or photographing the process, in direct violation of United States Election Code, so they went ahead and filmed what they could anyway.

It is also under his watch that votes for Bernie Sanders were being whited out before the ballots were sent to be counted, according to multiple eyewitnesses and as caught on video. Other lawsuits are being formulated for other counties, including Los Angeles, Orange, San Bernardino, Riverside, etc. According to the press conference held on July 11, 2016, these lawsuits will involve about 60% of the total number of voters in California. A Northern California lawsuit filed by Bill Simpich will challenge the guidelines that election officials gave vote-counting observers. These guidelines were not consistent in any way with the proper observation procedures described in the official California elections manual.

In this video below, workers at the San Diego Registrar of Voters can be seen modifying ballots with whiteout pens:

Now watch in the following video, how choices for president were being whited-out before counting the ballots. This was by order of the California Democratic party. Citizen election monitors in San Diego have captured on film ballots that have been tampered with, with white-out erasing only Sanders votes, sometimes with part of Bernie Sanders’ first name obscured as well. In the video, a monitor reports witnessing nearly half of the ballots in the box had been so altered, always against Sanders. She says the box she witnessed contained about 300 ballots, and that it was only one out of many counting stations she could not witness.

Taxpayers are funding elections that are being controlled and manipulated by political parties. Regardless of party affiliation, without the integrity of the vote, we have nothing, and our elections are a sham. Until we seriously address these issues and pass effective legislation to ensure integrity of the vote, this fraud will continue to occur. Visit trustvote.org for more information about the election integrity lawsuits and how you can help in the fight for fair, free, and transparent elections.