Warrantless NSA Mass Surveillance Authorization Extended By 6 More Years

January 19, 2018 staff 0

On Friday afternoon, just hours before Congress failed to avert a government shutdown, the President signed into law the “FISA Amendments Reauthorization Act of 2017.” The bill passed the House and Senate earlier this week with the support of many Republicans and Democrats, offering only slight adjustments to Section 702, a law that oversees the NSA’s spying ability.

Starting Jan. 22, Some U.S. Travelers May Need a Passport to Board Domestic Flights

January 9, 2018 staff 0

Thanks to increased, tighter standards for state-issued ID’s defined by the Real ID Act, passed by Congress in 2005 in the wake of ubiquitous, post-9/11 security frenzy, all adults boarding any federally regulated aircraft — including domestic U.S. flights — must have an “enhanced ID” (Real ID); otherwise, they will be required to present an additional, alternative form of acceptable identification, unless they reside in one of the 26 states granted extensions through Oct. 10, 2018.