If you don’t trust the folks over at CNN, MSNBC, or Fox News to show you what’s really happening, and you’ve lost faith in the integrity of established liberal media institutions such as The Washington Post, The New York Times, or The Guardian…….

Fear not, you’ll be okay… there are options!

Television & Web Video

Democracy Now! (independent news, hosted by Amy Goodman)

Redacted Tonight (RT America comedy news show hosted by Lee Camp)

RT (English language TV channel funded by Russian government; formerly Russia Today)

RT America

teleSUR English

The Empire Files (homepage) (Telesur English series hosted by Abby Martin)

On Contact With Chris Hedges (RT series hosted by Chris Hedges)

Days of Revolt (Telesur English series hosted by Chris Hedges)

The Real News Network (global online video news network) (YouTube channel)

France 24 English (English language version of 24/7 international news from France) (YouTube channel) (24/7 live stream video)

PressTV (Iranian state TV)

Economic Update with Richard D. Wolff (economic and political news & analysis from a Marxist perspective, hosted by New School economics professor Dr. Richard D. Wolff in collaboration with Democracy at Work)

The Young Turks (member-funded independent news and analysis)

TYT Politics (Politics-focused TYT offshoot with host Jordan Chariton)

The Jimmy Dore Show (comedy news offshoot of TYT hosted by Jimmy Dore)

Newsbroke on AJ+ (politics/news comedy show from Al Jazeera’s AJ+ hosted by Francesca Fiorentini)

The Rational National (YouTube progressive political commentary channel hosted by David Doel)

The David Pakman Show (YouTube channel hosted by David Pakman – political news and analysis)

The Humanist Report (YouTube channel hosted by Mike Figueroa – progressive news and analysis)

TBTV (YouTube political commentary show hosted by Tim Black)

Watching The Hawks (RT America series hosted by Sean Stone, Tyrel Ventura, and Tabetha Wallace)

Secular Talk (YouTube channel hosted by Kyle Kulinski – progressive news and analysis)

The Majority Report With Sam Seder (YouTube channel hosted by Sam Seder)

The World Today With Tariq Ali (Telesur English series with Tariq Ali)

Newspapers, Zines, Blogs, & Online News

Center For Research on Globalization

WikiLeaks (Transparency advocate and most significant whistleblower site)

The Intercept (Co-founded by Glenn Greenwald)

TruthDig (Home to Chris Hedges)

The UK Independent (Home to Robert Fisk)

The Nation

Common Dreams


21st Century Wire



The Raw Story

The Anti-Media

Mint Press News

Land Destroyer

Open Secrets (Center for Responsive Politics)

Unicorn Riot (independent, non-profit volunteer media that publishes everything under creative commons license)

Venezuelanalysis (Independent journalists in Venezuela provide contrast to Western and private media propaganda about Venezuela)

Center For Public Integrity (Pulitzer Prize winner)

Corp Watch

The Real News

Yes! Magazine

Sputnik News

New Eastern Outlook

US Uncut

Truth Out

Dangerous Minds

The Free Thought Project

Independent Media Center (international guerrilla news network centered around activism)

Center for Media and Democracy (Source Watch watchdog group, with sister groups ALEC Exposed and PR Watch)

The Onion (America’s Finest News Source)

Ars Technica (arts and technology)

Wired (technology)

Dark Reading (hacking and infosec)

The Hacker News (hacking and technology)

Slant Magazine (independent cinema)

Indie Wire (independent film, music, and news)

The Quietus (independent music)

Drowned In Sound (independent music)

Pitchfork (formerly Pitchfork Media, trending alternative music and news)

Random House first edition (1967) of the Marshall McLuhan classic.