Fantastic Didactic Weekend Flick Pick (May 25-27, 2018): ‘Coups R US’ – RT documentary looks at US ‘humanitarian’ interventions & regime changes

In the new RT documentary Coups R US, prominent American journalist Stephen Kinzer examines the rationale and impact of Washington’s interventions, from complacent colonialism in Hawaii to regime change in Libya.

US Claims of “Russian Meddling” Exposes Its Own Global Meddling

In its constant Cold War-like histrionics over Russia’s alleged “election meddling,” the United States, whose own government data shows it has interfered in at least 81 foreign elections between 1946 and 2000, only brings to greater attention its own abject hypocrisy and bankrupt pomposity.

Strikes On Syria, White Helmets, Skripal Poisoning, Assange Isolation, Transatlantic Trolls & The Mainstream Media In Meltdown: Part One

To say things have been a complete mess is an understatement of epic proportions. The amount of lies, revisionism, misrepresentation, and chicanery on display by those trying to promote and justify the US, UK and French strikes on Syria has been incredible to observe.