May 2017

Fantastic Didactic Weekend Flick Pick (May 26-28, 2017): Four Horsemen (2012) [director: Ross Ashcroft] (VIDEO)

‘Four Horsemen’ is an award-winning, critically acclaimed British documentary feature film directed by Ross Ashcroft, released in the UK on March 14, 2012. The film criticizes the system of fractional reserve banking, debt-based economy and political lobbying by “too big to fail” banks, which it regards as a serious threat not only to liberal, Western-style democracy, but to the entire Western civilization itself.

Saudi Man Condemned To Death By Public Beheading For “Crime” of Atheism

A man in his early 20’s has been sentenced to death by public beheading on charges of apostasy, after an Appeals Court rejected his insanity plea for being “drunk and high.” He was arrested in 2014 after uploading a video in which he renounced Islam and the Prophet Mohammed.